Who are our Governors?

Every school has a governing Body made up of various members of the community. There can be between 9 and 20 members depending on the size of the school. The governing body works closely with the Head teacher, who is responsible for the day to day management of the school. They form part of the school leadership team, who are responsible for strategic planning and policy development and strive to make sur the school provides a good quality education for all its children.


Governors don’t get paid for their work: they are all volunteers.

The Governing Body:

Is a ‘critical friend to the School

Explains its policies to parents and the community

Helps to settle its disputes, fairly and conscientiously

Oversee its policies and its use of resources


Our Governing Body

Name Type Appointed By Term of office
Start End
Jane Apolloni Head Ex Officio
Terry Cane Foundation Diocese 06.12.13 04.12.17
Danielle Marron Foundation Diocese 20.07.13 13.01.18
Kay Demoily Foundation Diocese 01.05.14 30.04.18
Gerri Howard Foundation Diocese 01.05.15 30.04.19
Lol Sullivan Foundation Diocese 14.01.14 13.01.18
Margaret Williams Foundation Diocese 09.10.15 08.10.19
Peter Coady Foundation Diocese 13.04.16 12.04.20
Dawn Anderson Parent Elected 14.10.15 13.10.19
Chloe Richardson Parent Elected 14.10.15 13.10.19
Angela Bennett Staff Elected 27.07.15 26.07.19


Governor Roles & Responsibilities

FGB F&R R&A P/M Admissions Safeguarding Link
Jane Apolloni X X X X
Terry Cane




X X X X Chair of Governors

National Leader of Governance


Danielle Marron X X


X X X Vice Chair of Governors


Angela Bennett X X EYFS
Kay Demoily X DSEN (Disability and Special Educational Needs)
Gerri Howard X English
Lol Sullivan X Pupil Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

PE Sports Funding

Dawn Anderson X  British Values


Chloe Richardson X  Pupils’ Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare
Peter Coady X Pupil Premium
Margaret Williams X X Maths


Fr Leonard Parish Preist of St Thomas More and St Joseph’s


Meeting times

Full Governors Raising Achievement
7th December 2016 3.30pm 5th October 2016 3.30pm
15nd March 2017 3.30pm 18th January 2017 3.30pm
21st June 2017 3:30pm 3rd May 2017 3.30pm


Former Governors

Andrea Howlett 01/05/2015

David Budd 01/05/2015

Lisa Agar 01/05/2015

Helen Hughff term of office expired 31/08/2015



Register of Business/Pecuniary Interest Trust Board Member/Governor/Staff

Name of Governor Organisation and Nature of Business
Position Held/Interest
Self/Family Date Appointed
Date Resigned
Jane Apolloni


National Association of Headteachers

Headteacher St Thomas More

Member of MCSTP (Middlesbrough Catholic Schools Teaching Partnership)

September 2005

Diocese of Middlesbrough
01/2001 to Current Date

September 2014

Terry Cane NCLT
St Hilda’s MAT
Danielle Marron St Hilda’s MAT Foundation Director 01.11.15
Angela Bennett
Geri Howard Yarm Garden Services

Headteacher Marton Manor

MSTA Partnership Board





Family (Husband)




March 1990


September 2015

Margaret Williams S.V.P. Member Self June 2014
Peter Coady Trinity Catholic College

St Hilda’s MAT

River Tees Academy


Board Member (Director)

Board Member (Director)






November 2015

Kay Demoiley Catholic Fellowship Member Self
Lol Sullivan
Dawn Anderson Salvation Army Office
(Church Leader)
Self 2009
 Chloe Richardson



The above register of interests must capture relevant business and pecuniary interests of members, directors, local governors of academies within a multi-academy trust and senior employees, including:

  • Directorships, partnerships and employments with businesses
  • Trusteeships and governorships at other educational institutions and charities
  • For each interest: the name of the business; the nature of the business; the nature of the interest; and the date the interest began

The register must also identify any material interests arising from close family relationships between the Trust’s members and directors, and relationships between members and directors and employees. Close family relationships are defined as a close member of the family, or member of the same household, who may be expected to influence, or be influenced by, the person. This includes, but is not limited to, a child, parent, spouse or civil partner.

Registers for the Trust’s members and directors will be published on the Trust’s main website. Individual academies within the Trust should ensure that registers for members of Local Management Boards and Senior Employees (Head Teachers) are maintained on their own respective websites.


Please click below to download documents:-

Governor Induction Policy

Link Governor and Visits Policy

Attendance Register 2015 2016