Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

The mission of St. Thomas More  RC Primary School  is to develop each  member of the  St. Thomas More  Community to reach their full potential as we follow in the  footsteps of Christ and aim  to live out  the  Christian values portrayed in the  gospels.

We believe that just as Christ led by example, so we are called to do the same.  As one family, united as children of God we have a responsibility to actively encourage and live out the gospel values of Love, Peace, Justice, Honesty and Forgiveness within our community.

We value our  children as individuals, with their own unique gifts,  skills and  needs and  we recognise the  role  we have to play  in developing them so they are  able  to achieve their full potential and  make a positive contribution to society. We also recognise we cannot do this alone, and as a child’s first teachers, parents have a critical role to play and we need to work in partnership with them, if we are to fulfil our mission.

We aim to:

Provide a safe, secure, loving and supportive environment where all individuals are valued and cared for, and have an important role to play in making our school the very best it can be.

Enrich and develop the children’s understanding of the Catholic faith so they are able to live it.

Provide an environment that fosters close partnership with parents/guardians, the parish and wider community.

Meet the spiritual, physical, social, moral, cultural and academic needs of all pupils to enable them to fulfil their potential.

Lead by example as St. Thomas More did and develop respect, kindness, tolerance, responsibility and care for others and ourselves.

Provide a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of every child so they develop the skills to become independent lifelong learners.

Provide a curriculum that encompasses the distinctive nature of Catholic Education and meeting National Curriculum requirements.

Ensure all involved within the life of our school share and understand our mission statement so that it can be promoted and lived out daily.






Mission Statement written by the children of St Thomas More Primary School

Success is the aim of our school.  Working

Together as a community of learners to be the best we can.

Teaching each other, as disciples, to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Helping each other to create a better world and make a positive difference.

One family, united as children of God – working together.

May we follow the Golden Rules and make the right choices in order to provide

A safe, secure, loving and supportive environment, where all individuals are valued and  have a

Special role to play.

May we lead by example, as St Thomas More,

Our Patron Saint did,

Recognising & living the gospel values of Love, Peace, Justice, Honesty & Forgiveness in order to

Ensure our Mission Statement is lived  out daily.